Individual Therapy 

Treating: Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use, Motivation, and Fear. 

Experiental Group Sessions
Group art projects utilizing play and art in order to enhance the recovery experience. Note to other practicioners:  I will be happy to facilitate your groups in an art experience exercise while you are present.


  • If you would like to create your own resin collage art I offer studio space, materials, and time to work. Call for pricing.
  • Personalized artwork for memorial occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and memorials
  • If you would like me to assemble a collage of your personal items, I will consult with you and develop sketches and a plan. If you would like to create your own, I offer studio space, materials, and time to work and counsel.

​​​What We Offer:

Let me create a celebration or memorial of a loved one's memorabilia.

Above: Chain Saw Heart. In Memory of my adventurous, funny, loving, prankster brother, Ernie Kitson 1959-2013. All memorabilia  from Ernie's office and shop junk drawers. By Janice Kitson

 Janice  obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art, from Kennesaw State University GA and her Social Work Masters Degree from Western Carolina University. She has been leading creative art healing workshops since 2003. She is an Internationally Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist practicing in the state of North Carolina.

Janice is trained and specializes in Transpersonal Psychology Brief Therapy Sessions with an art therapy component. ((trauma, anxiety, depression) 1-4 sessions typical),  Attention Deficit Disorder treatment and Substance Abuse Specific Art Therapy techniques. Janice is also trained in Motivational Interviewing, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Janice has studied Meditation and Shamanism since 1988. In addition to her formal education she completed a 3-year folk healer apprentice ship in 2004. She has an eclectic background including travels in Australia, Peru, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and 39 of the United States.
She has over 31 years of continuous clean and sober living and is familiar with numerous recovery techniques and tricks. Janice offers compassion and understanding, mixed with a sense of humor, in a blunt and honest manner. 

Asheville Soul Art

Janice Kitson MSW LCSW LCAS

About Janice Kitson